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Building a Brand 

Some clients ask me how important is my company's brand, and actually what is it?

A brand is the personality of your business, how you want people to initially see you. So it is everything, it sets you apart from your competitor.  This is not only shown via your company website, logo and advertising but how you communicate with people via social media, e-mails, images that you share regarding your business. 

Customers make snap decisions about a company, so first impressions count. Then through communication with existing customers your brand becomes stronger and more recognised.

Clarks Village Re-brand 

Clarks Village the oldest outlet in the UK based only a few miles away from Glastonbury needed to re-position itself to 30 - 45 yr olds from Bristol and the more affluent catchment. The old brand images below did not achieve this, therefore, a re-brand needed to take place.

CV Old Brand.JPG

New brand images for Clarks Village below, which incorporated photo shoots for the overall brand but also shopping centre images. to be used across all advertising mediums.

CV ReBrand.JPG
Freeport Braintree Re-brand 

Freeport Braintree is an outlet shopping centre based in Essex. The centre wanted to attract more desirable brands and a younger audience both female and male, therefore a re-brand was essential.

This branding exercise consisted of sourcing models, photographer, stylist, location to ensure a credible brand and centre photoshoot took place - having a selection of images that could be used in all advertising mediums, seasons and special occasions.

Please see below the old brand images.

FB old Brand.JPG

New brand images for Freeport Braintree below.

Fresh pastel colours were used for the spring and summer months with strong bold colours for autumn-winter seasons. Images were taken to cover all advertising mediums, digital, billboard, posters, leaflets etc.

FB New Brand.JPG
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