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Image by Igor Miske


The brand that your business portrays to the outside world is crucial to its success.

Logo Design 

The logo is crucial, it's the first thing that people recognise and associate with your business. 

Once designed you'll be given it in a number of formats and a detailed PDF showing the colours and text styles used for future reference.

Website Design

A simple website in some businesses is the key. A lot of agencies will put together a website and it's not touched again for a number of years, because as a busy owner you just don't have time to deal with a complicated CMS.

With this service, I'll put together a simple website, with URL that you can maintain and update on a regular basis and be on hand for any questions that you have.

This includes consultation, social media set up, logo design and training helping you get your new business get noticed!

All things digital!  Websites, SEO and social media analysis and reviews

Analyse and research your current marketing activities, to see where opportunities can be seized.

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