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Helen Williams Marketing is an independent brand and marketing consultancy who works directly with you, sharing my expert knowledge to help your business thrive – without incurring the overhead costs of an agency. Or the jargon that occasionally takes over our industry. I take pride in being straightforward and down to earth, always. 

I believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to client projects, so my support for you is tailored to your ambitions. There are no price lists or programmes laid out here because my response to your enquiry will always be personal and carefully considered. I offer a range of services to help your business grow and move in the correct direction, from a marketing perspective. 


Services offered

Marketing Audits: To include a review of your branding, digital presence, website and social media, customer analysis if the correct information is provided, and advertising campaigns.  

Brand Strategy: Defining and enhancing consumer experiences with your business.

Marketing Strategy: Planning how to voice your message and promise to your potential customers

Brand Communication: Employing tactics to deliver your key messages to your market.

This includes consultation, social media set up, logo design and training helping you get your new business get noticed!

All things digital!  Websites, SEO and social media analysis and reviews

Logo and website design need I say more?

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